A Centre for arts and Culture,
3, Palace Nagar, Pudukkottai,
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Phone: 04322-230666 

I was born in 1940 in Pudukkottai. After professionally qualifying in Mechanical Engineering, I worked in Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi for more than three decades and took retirement in 2000.

Even from schooldays I have been pursuing a number of hobbies, which include many aspects of life, like arts, literature, history, philosophy and developmental issues.  One of such is collecting literature on a host of topics and making them into albums. This has grown substantially, making it a unique reference, which you can see in my spare time pursuits.

To share the pleasures I had derived in my pursuits. I have been giving lectures on the topics of my interests to students and public. I taught a course titled 'Art and Technology' at Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi along with a colleague of mine. These lectures, many along with my wife, are in the form of curtain-raisers. These are also made into booklets for circulation.

I hold that technology must be human-centered and that there exists a cultural route to development. I also hold that a better exposure and understanding of our cultural heritage would help people for better understanding and enjoyment of life. I have now an opportunity to put these ideas of mine into action, in the form of a centre for arts and culture, called Sudharsanam, in Pudukkottai.