Special Issue-2

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Preparations are in full swing

The 9th day (Saraswathi Pooja) is also celebrated as 'Ayudha pooja' (ஆயுதபூஜை). Tools are placed in the pooja - as part of ‘Ayudha pooja’. Even vehicles are washed and decorated, and pooja-s are performed for them.
The 10th day – ‘Vijayadasami’ - is the most auspicious day of all. It was the day on which evil was finally destroyed by good. Children are initiated into learning (வித்யாரம்பம், Vidhya-arambham)
The Nava-rathri (நவராத்திரி) celebrations in Pudukkottai are not different from other parts of Tamilnadu. Though the ‘Golu’ (கொலு) and visiting friend’s and relative’s houses are an integral part of it, the celebration of ‘Ayudha pooja’ is more prominent these days. The commercial establishments celebrate this event more fervently. Shops and vehicles are washed and decorated, and special pooja-s are performed on this day.
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