In the last few years I have been contemplating of returning to the small town where I was born and brought up. The depletion of most villages and many of the small towns of skilled people and the consequent impoverishment of these places troubled me. I felt that an attempt could be made to make these places lively and livable. I was thinking of a cultural route to development. As a first attempt, I hosted a website to contact people who hailed from Pudukkottai to plan for some development work in the district. But the break came when an industrialist in Pudukkottai offered financial support to set up a centre for arts and culture in Pudukkottai.

The centre, named SUDHARSANAM, is aimed at documenting the heritage of Pudukkottai district and also offer opportunities to youngsters to get to know their culture. Towards these objectives a residential campus is being developed in a 7-acre land in the vicinity of Pudukkottai acquired for this purpose. In order to emphasis cultural aspects, a number of theme gardens, like akam - puram gardens, Siddha garden, etc are also being executed.

Documentation in three specific aspects - guide books on monuments, monographs on contribution of Pudukkottai to music, dance, literature, etc. and biographical sketches of people who contributed to the development of Pudukkottai and of Pudukkottai-ans who excelled in various fields.

A website, is hosted to feed information regarding Pudukkottai.